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Wavelength Stable, Miniature Laser Diode Modules and Diode Pumped Lasers

WELCOME NuLasers™ Ltd. website, we develop, manufacture and market very compact, TE-cooled, wavelength stable, Laser Diode Modules and Diode Pumped Lasers.

NuLasers™ proprietary technology in lasers reduces the head size to just 30 x 31 x 34 mm.

NuLasers™ models are designed for robustness. The monolithic optical microbench maintains laser alignment. Temperature stabilization of laser diode and all optical elements provides high pointing stability, low output power fluctuations and stable wavelength.

Customized NuLasers™ models can fit wide user requirements. For more information, please contact.

New Products: CLD-488-XX Stabilized Laser Diode Module at 488 nm

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